My name is Stephanie. I'm a writer and editor based in Little Rock, Arkansas.

I am the editor of At Home in Arkansas and Weddings in Arkansas. You could say my background is in writing, copyediting, and social media, but my career path has not been quite that simple. In the past eight years, I've:

☞ Earned my bachelor's in English and master's in Media & Communications.

☞ Peddled wares at an art market booth in East London and a high-end furniture showroom in Wimbledon.

☞ Created websites and marketing plans for two of my family's small businesses.

☞ Cut my copyediting teeth at a weekly magazine at Arkansas's largest statewide newspaper.

☞ Developed my writing portfolio while working full-time jobs before and after my first publishing gig.

☞ Written, edited, and laid out proposals for a national engineering firm's aviation division.

I've been busy! I also dabbled in design for a sec and sold a line of greeting cards and handmade gift tags, but that shop is now in vacation mode while I focus on my writing and the magazines. 

You can find a selection of my editorial portfolio here. On my blog, I post sporadically about books I've read, places I've been, and things I've made. 

Photo by Rett Peek