Currently Digging III

Currently Digging III

1. Portlandia

I'd never seen much Portlandia, so we started at the beginning and watched it straight through — just in time for Season 6! Carrie and Fred are comedic geniuses. I really, really loved the absurdity and pace of the show.

2. It Still Moves by Amanda Petrusich

I picked up this book after seeing Amanda Petrusich at the Arkansas Literary Festival last spring. The book is a journey through American music, both back in time and as Petrusich makes a road-trip tour of the South bebopping around special music landmarks. I've enjoyed her narrative and also feel like I've actually gained a better background of the roots of American music.

3. Futurebirds

Futurebirds visited Stickyz in Little Rock back in January, so naturally I’ve been jamming to their new album, Hotel Parties, a good bit at the office. I grabbed a copy of Baba Yaga at the show and have been spinning it ever since.

4. My Dirty Dumb Eyes by Lisa Hanawalt

You might remember that in my previous Pop Culture list, I was crushing on BoJack Horseman pretty hard. Then I started following the designer of the show, Lisa Hanawalt, on Twitter. She's a hoot. This book is her debut collection, which includes surreal paintings and drawings, illustrated movie reviews, and wildly weird NSFW comics. I also really enjoyed this podcast interview with Hanawalt and this interview between Hanawalt and fellow illustrator Kate Beaton. 

5. Making a Murderer

So did he or did he not?!? For me, it kind of hangs on whether or not we can trust the second-hand allegations Brendan Dassey made (or didn't make?) about Steven Avery abusing him.

6. Rabbit Fur Coat by Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins

If you saw me at Halloween, you know I'm a big Jenny Lewis fan. January marked the 10th anniversary of her solo album Rabbit Fur Coat, an occasion she's celebrating with a short reunion tour. And I’ll be at the Ryman Theater in Nashville on Saturday for one such show. CUE THE EXCITEMENT. 

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