This photo was taken by Arshia Khan for a travel feature in Sync magazine back. Arshia is also responsible for the avatar I use for Twitter, Etsy, Instagram, and basically at any other chance I get. 


Patrick and I had the chance to ~*model*~ for an Arkansas Life cover story on alternative summer road trips. Rett Peek took these gorgeous photos in Scott, Arkansas, and they are some of my favorite photos of the two of us.


Many of the photos on this site I have taken myself, especially any of my product photos. I bought my first real camera — a Canon EOS Rebel T5 — in spring 2016 and have been slowly learning how to use it. Any tips from hobbyists and professionals are appreciated!

STOCK and are two of my favorites for free stock images, which is a huge help when starting out a new blog and hoping it turns out kind of pretty. These sites allow you to pay-what-you-can for quality images that are license- and attribution-free. Throughout this site, if I don't include attribution for a photo that isn't mine, it's safe to assume it came from one of these two sources.